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Sexy Secret Santa?

Its that time of year again when the old secret Santa is being rolled out around workplaces up and down the country.

This year why not get a little Kinky??? Here are some budget novelties that will brighten up any unsuspecting colleagues Christmas!

Note: Kinky Revolution does not accept any responsibility for any repercussions of giving the suggested gifts!

£5 Budgets

Top Boobs Card Game There is always one guy (Or girl) in the office who is obsessed with boobs! Why not give them the ultimate comparison game! Based on the timeless ‘Top Trumps’ game, Top Boobs Card Game offers a lighter, kinkier version for the boob obsessed in your workplace! Players compete to win all the cards by comparing the highest value. This game requires 2 or more players. Contains 53 playing cards plus instructions.

Sexy Jelly Men For your colleague who needs a man in their life! These colourful soft jellies are shaped like little men with willies showing and with the serious horn. Deliciously and naughtily fruity, once you’ve tried them, you’ll never look back. 120g bag in each brightly coloured pack!


£10 Budgets

Inflate A Date Man Doll or Inflate A Date Woman Doll For infinite singleton in your workplace now no more! Need a Date and Fast? You wont get one faster anywhere else! This amazing gift is self inflating so all you have to do is simply hit the packet to instantly inflate the perfect date A hilarious gift for any one.

Female Body Inspector Vest This old chestnut! There is always one who claims to be ‘FBI’ so why not get them the official vest to wear so everyone knows who to go to… Or avoid! Suitable for sizes up to XXL, these amusing vests will allow any group to stand out, with reflective stripes all in the name of safety of course.

World Champion Dick We all know someone worthy of this accolade, so why not use the secrecy to really let your thoughts be known… anonymously of course! This Gold coloured dick on a black base made of plastic. With the inscription Inscription World Champion.

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