Sex toy cleaning and storage can be the crucial factor in your pleasure products lasting a lifetime.

Everyone wants to keep their sex toys squeaky clean and hygienic, and it’s really easy with the right technique and cleaning products.

Make sure your sex toys are cleaned before and after you use them to ensure optimum hygiene. The only thing you need for the cleaning process is hot water, a good quality sex toy cleaner and a clean dry towel or kitchen roll.

To clean: give your toys a quick rinse and then spray them with a Sex Toy Cleaner Leave it for 30 seconds or so, and then clean any stubborn areas (such as ridges or nodules) carefully before rinsing all the cleaner off with warm water.

To dry: you can either leave your toy to air dry on sheets of clean kitchen roll or speed up the process by drying with a clean towel.

By cleaning thoroughly and drying your toys completely, you will prevent dust and bacteria build up.

  • ALWAYS clean your toys before and after use
  • ALWAYS use a sex toy cleaner for extra peace of mind
  • ALWAYS remove any batteries and close the battery compartments tightly before cleaning
  • ALWAYS leave your sex toys to air dry thoroughly (laid on kitchen paper is ideal), or dry with a clean towel
  • NEVER put your sex toys away before they are totally dry
  • NEVER leave your sex toys on a radiator or next to a heat source to dry
  • NEVER store your newly cleaned toys together